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The Art Way Art Studios

Have you always wanted to learn art but didn’t know where to turn? – The ArtWay was created with you in mind...

The ArtWay is a learning center that offers classes and workshops for adults, youth and children. Our goal is student centered learning, we teach you the basics and then you guide us. We will teach you what you want to learn, follow the path you choose to creating your own masterpieces.

The ArtWay was founded, January 2010, by prominent local artist Denna Erickson. For many years Denna has wanted to provide the community with a center that teaches art as a journey, as a process rather than as an end result. Denna teaches students how to tap into their creative side, how to put onto paper the beauty that they see around them. The ArtWay is the result of a dream – a learning center for people of all ages and ability levels. We are a business that offers classes for children youth and adults. Our aim is to enable people to explore their creative side through expression in various mediums. We believe that the making or art and expression of creativity are guided processes in which the student plays a very major role.

Denna Erickson: B. FA., B. Ed.
The Art Way Art Studios

Denna has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emily Carr University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria. She has been teaching art to all ages both privately and in the school system for over fifteen years. Denna brings her passion of her art practice into her teaching. Denna’s artwork is featured all over Canada in a variety of galleries.

Sonya Iwasiuk
The Art Way Art Studios

Sonya studied art in Winnipeg and began her career as a graphic artist in 1991. Over the years, her fine art medium and style has moved from a focus on expressionism painting to her current interests, photography and mixed media painting. Her ultimate goal is to reveal the power, beauty and vitality, darkness and morbidity of her subjects and to explore different methods of achieving this. Sonya has a studio in Vancouver and her work is shown in galleries in both British Columbia and Alberta.

Pilar Mehlis

Pilar is a full time practicing artist in Vancouver. Her work has been shown in Bolivia and Canada including Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna and Calgary.

She holds a bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Victoria with additional studies at the former Vancouver School of Arts, at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, USA and various mentorships.

Pilar is passionate about her private practice and about teaching. She is commuted to giving her students a strong foundation in drawing and believes that the skills learned in class will inform and strengthen their artistic practice in any media.

Janine M. Ray

Janine is a registered Art Therapist and Clinical Counsellor, however her main credentials are from living for 10 years with terrible depression. After working on herself and coming through the struggle, she found greater awareness, understanding, presence, and a desire to help others. As a practicing artist, Janine understands the profound healing potential and positive change that can result from accessing creativity and artistic sensibility. Art and creation provides us tools we can use to work through life challenges, issues, emotions and struggles...and often this process is playful! Certainly, art and the therapeutic relationship can provide us with a means of healthy expression and allow us to explore, feel, and grow.

Janine facilitates groups and conducts private art therapy sessions for kids, youth, and adults, including elderly populations. In groups, organized by age and/or ability, participants benefit from the engagement of others and their experiences. One-on-one sessions offer a focused, yet gentle, approach where a combination of art making and discussion will be used to meet the specific needs of the client. Janine welcomes new clients and uses online modalities (as well as in person) to serve individuals no matter where they are.

Joey Mallett

Joey has a diverse portfolio of talents. Best known as a muralist around Vancouver, she has discovered a passion for mixed media and teaching at The Artway. Her approach to art is open and curious, always searching for a balance between style and meaning.