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Ignite The Soul
Adults Mixed Media – 8 weeks $375

Classes taught by Denna Erickson and Sonya Iwasiuk

No experience necessary! In this course you will learn to create truly meaningful art pieces through the use of mixed media. Students will learn to develop their own imagery through all variety of art techniques and medias:
  • Drawing techniques – charcoal, pencil, conte crayon, and oil pastels
  • Painting – acrylics, oils, encaustics
  • Print-making techniques will be demonstrated in conjunction with painting and drawing. The exciting process of encaustic monotype print-making will also be taught.
  • Other art techniques including transfers, skins and textures will be practiced
Students will learn to combine all of these techniques together in order to discover their own vision and direction.

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At a minimum, a down payment of $80 is required for Ignite The Soul or any class that you wish to take. For your convenience, you can make this payment online or in person in the studio if you wish.

Learn to Draw
Drawing and Multi Media Classes – $375.00, 8 classes
Mon 10 am - 1pm

Students will learn the basic techniques of drawing: line, design, value and form.

Multimedia projects will include the application of these principles using different media such as charcoal, conte crayons, graphite, water soluble graphite pastels and ink. The projects will also include the application of transfers, skins, collage and using acrylics, acrylic gels, mediums, and glazing techniques.

This class is taught by Pilar Mehlis BFA

Basics of Oil Painting
Series of 8 Classes
Mondays: 6 pm - 9 pm
$375 plus $70 for paint supplies excluding supports

This course is designed to give students a sound foundation in oil painting, materials and techniques. Students will be given exercises to familiarize them with oil painting techniques and guided through the development of an oil painting from start to finish. The students will then use the acquired skills to begin their own composition on canvas or board.

Subjects included in this class: Underpainting: the building of values and “massing in” of simplified shapes and working effectively with contour and edges. Composition and Atmospheric perspective. Colour theory including working with a limited palette, colour temperature, broken colour and colour harmony.

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