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A truly inspiring artist and teacher, Denna Erickson has made a positive impact on the lives of many students over her 20 year teaching career.


Finding The ArtWay Studios was life changing for me. The wonderful teachers there, offered the opportunity to explore different mediums, learn deeply about colour and its uses and have really opened up new opportunities for finding my own expression. Taking an ArtWay class is better than meditation, I leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and happy. Thank you ArtWay teachers! - Susanne Rutchinski

Upon discovering The Artway Studio I was drawn into a community of like-minded creative artists searching for a rewarding way to practice art. The positive support and genuine interest in my development as an artist has given me great self- empowerment. Iím able to approach art making now with enthusiasm, curiosity and confidence. Dennaís unique flair for inspiring and pushing us to achieve more than we expect of ourselves is truly a gift. I shall forever be grateful for joining this wonderful artistís haven. - Anne Montgomery Jan 28th 2014

"I first discovered The Artway through a friend, she had the most beautiful paintings on her wall. I asked her where she bought these paintings. She said I painted them. I couldn't believe she could paint something so beautiful. I had to know where she was taking art classes. This was my first introduction to Denna and The Artway. The studio has a good buzz and is the most wonderful place. Denna is a very talented artist and has a special way with people. She is patient and she takes you out of the box.

I have limited art experience, Denna and her wonderful instructors have opened my art world with passion. I just can't wait to go to my art classes and when I get there, three hours is like three minutes. I cannot tell you how great this place is. I am hooked."

- Fay Jensen

"The Art Way, Denna in particular, has a wonderful way of helping students expand their horizons in art. With a guiding hand, I am assisted with techniques and especially positive motivation to go forth on my chosen creative path. I learn and I explore. A truly expansive experience" - Gaye Collins